Thread subject: SPA Ladies Section - :: PLEASE READ BEFORE REGISTERING

Posted by yvonne on 30-03-2009 11:44

I am delighted to announce that the official scotland ladies pool team website is now live.

The site has a new webmaster, Steenie - she will police the site and make sure everything is done properly. Elaine has designed the site and of course will remain as an admin to help Steenie as she learns the ropes and I am sure the girls in partnership will make our site great.

Now, our new site will have forums of our own. It’s never been thought that forums were required for our site, given that we have our own forums on This site was mainly an informational site in the past. however a ladies pool community is vital and we feel that the time is right to try and recreate that missing ladies pool community throughout the UK.

When you register on the forum you will be asked for a username, this must be your real first name or a recognisable nickname for example (effie) but in order for your username to be authorised by an admin, we MUST know who you are.

Among all the new stuff (chatbox, forums etc), we still have all the usual content on the site; entry forms, results, rankings, reports, photos, stats, historical data etc.

For any current or potential sponsors we have the banner ads scheme, which you will see at the top or bottom of every page. The added bonus any sponsor of the ladies team gets is that their banner will be displayed on EVERY site that the SPA runs, along with our sister “blackball” family of sites. This means that not only will it be displayed on, but also on the main site,, and every league and national site we own. Now, given that we have sites from Shetland to Bristol, plus affiliated Leagues’ sites all over Scotland, as well as sites in Wales, Mauritius, Tenerife and the EBA site, it is fair to say their company will get some decent exposure. Another selling point to the benefits of sponsoring the Scottish Ladies Pool Team, as if they needed another one bugs

I even have a Managers Page and will update this regularly to keep everyone up to date with things that are happening. I would like to see every lady pool player in Scotland registered on the site and hopefully with us advertising via stickers and word of mouth we can make our site a thriving community for ladies pool throughout the world.

So come on, get registered and posting.

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Posted by Elaine on 30-03-2009 13:04

Just a wee reminder to everyone to register using first names only, not your main site username? If you have registered using a nickname I have changed it to your firts name with a capital first letter.

Authorised and changed so far are:


All the rest so far have been authorised as joined up :D

Posted by Elaine on 30-03-2009 14:21

Caz and LynseyS authorised now too :D

Posted by yvonne on 30-03-2009 17:09

Text sent to everyone I could think of lol

Posted by Elaine on 30-03-2009 17:50

Cool - I'll start the bebo and facebook pesting shortly :D

Posted by Steenie on 30-03-2009 18:14

You best had remember to update your page regularly......or else that picture is going back up :o

A reminder to any of the girls registering


Or a recognised nickname.



We will be sending out e-mails full of information for competitions from time to time so it would be to your advantage to give us a real e-mail address.

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